Making a wedding involves endless elements, deadlines, and far too often it gives enough weight to make you want to just flee. To assist who are facing this situation pro incidents will help you to script and direct a wedding without ignoring a single frame.

Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitation gives your guest an idea how your kalyanam would be, hence its the first significant part of a marriage, making. Our designers and leading wedding card printers will collectively work with you to offer a customized invitation cards, Posters, Flyers for your nikah. Our 4K,HD Videographers and Video Editors can also provide a Promo Video Invitation using premium templates for you to share in social media.

Marriage Decoration

Marriages event venues can be decorated with natural flowers or man made flowers. We will get you the best flower arranger, wedding backdrop setter and lighting decorations expert who gives the apt theme and feel for your wedding with customised packages

Wedding Photography

While seeing your marriage album and wedding photos, 10 years after your marriage, it should put a smile on your face. Our team of candid and Traditional Photographers will give you that.

Bridal Beautifying

Pro Incidents will give the best in town or celebrity make up artist to give you the wedding look based on the culture of wedding ,which suits the eyes of guests and cameras

Groom Stylist

Our Wedding Fashion Model / Stylist will be there to give you the sharp and tidy look for the reception.Our Celebrity/Top Hair/Beard stylists will give you the classic appearance.

Marriage Entertainment

No one likes a reception which is silent, so filling the silence with entertainers is better. Our team consists of a variety of talented/celebrity entertainers who do that job.

Venue Finding

Wedding venues should suit everyone attending your event. Parking, air conditioning, seating arrangements, electricity back up, and other services you need should be considered while selecting a venue. The pro Incidents team will do that reviewing process and will give you the best venue. We can also help arrange stay for guests in hotels and resorts around the area.

Wedding Conductor

Our Famous / Local handpicked experienced priests will bring the holiness to the wedding ceremony.

Sweets and Shopping

Sweets are part of wedding celebration in few traditions. We will arrange it from one of the best sweet bakeries according to your needs. Handing sweet boxes for guests is also a good idea 


Food is the most chief thing in a wedding next to the marriage ceremony. Every tradition, location, people have different type of food. Our hand picked top caterers who are in the profession for more than 50 years leaded by chefs, food testers who will give you the delicious food for the occasion.

Theme Wedding

If you want your wedding to be unique, creative and have some fun you may go for theme marriage. Our team will handle with customized decoration, cake, set for your theme marriage

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