Corporate Incidents should be crafted, professionally. Continued assistance is must for conference, meets and other special events.

Stage Design

Stage Design / Seating arrangement plays one of important role in Corporate events. We at Pro incidents will help you with that. Four seminars/workshop stage design will be simple, for annual event design will be top notch.

Conference / Seminars

Conferences / Seminars need endless tech support and uninterrupted data.Our team of IT support will set up the required machine and will be there till the end of the event.

Team Bonding

Team building which motivates employees and build hope, thereby assuring better potency.Our game conductors will support you in conducting team bonding activities.


Pro Incidents can help you arrange even a replica of Hollywood award show. Our team will craft you the prize trophy/statuette for the winners beautifully and help you organise the flow of events.

Corporate Cookery

Our Top caterers​ and Leading chefs from star hotels will ensure you get a menu with a variety of  tasty food at the end of the event.

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